Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A pimped finish - the 7" purple quilt

Remember the 7" purple quilt ? I liked it ... but somehow, something was missing. At least in my opinion ... After I looked at the pic for a while, it dawned on me what bothered me. There was only one 3-D-flower - and it looked lonely to me. How about some more? I made two more, played with their placement for a little while - and now I'm happy with it ! 

Vielleicht erinnerst du dich noch an den 7" Purple Quilt ? Ich mochte den kleinen Kerl - aber irgendwie fehlte da was, fand ich. Nachdem ich das Bild ein Weilchen hypnotisiert hatte, kam ich drauf, was mich störte. Es gab nur eine 3-D-Blüten ... und die wirkte einsam auf mich. Also fummelte ich noch zwei weitere Blüten, spielte ein bißchen mit  der Platzierung ... und jetzt bin ich zufrieden !


A Nudge said...

I love it when it had just one flower, but now it is even more fabulous! I invite you to share this beauty tomorrow on Hexie Weekend - we love all eye candy and your mini is definitely that.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Really lovely flowers!

Chantal said...